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To mark 25 years in business as an antique map dealer we are delighted to announce our latest online listing of sixty scarce and unusual items covering over three hundred years of cartographic invention and creativity.

The offering includes a significant number of rare & unusual 17th, 18th, 19th & early 20th Century maps relating to Life, Love, Marriage & Matrimony. 
Ephemeral cartographic material of this sort is increasingly rarely seen offered on the market or in such a large single collection.
Further Imaginary Map offerings of this genre will be following through the rest of the year, so do please keep checking back or register with us to be notified when new material has been posted on the site.
To find out more about the new listing just click on the above link, or go to the Imaginary Maps page & its sub-sections on the adjacent side Menu or browse through a small selection listed in our Recent Acquisitions opposite.

We hope you enjoy our site & thank you for visiting.

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Roderick M Barron


Some Recent Acquisitions

Zacharie de Lisieux's scarce allegorical map of the Jansenist Heresy,1660

Price: £ Inquire

Zacharie de Lisieux's scarce allegorical map of the Jansenist Heresy,1660


A rare late 17th Century English edition of Mlle de Scudery's famous map of the "Pays du Tendre"

Price: £ Inquire

An extremely rare late 17th Century English edition of Madeleine de Scudery's famous map of the Pays du Tendre [London 1678]


Christoph Weigel's rare portrait of soldier & satirist, Johann Andreas von Schnebelin

Price: £ Inquire

Christoph Weigel's rare early 18th Century portrait of Imperial Field Marshall, Johann Andreas von Schnebelin [d.1705], author of the famous satirical work on Schlarraffenland


Seutter Map of the Assault of Love c1730

Price: £ Inquire

Second example of Matthaeus Seutter’s splendid allegorical map depicting the romantic Assaults of Love on the besieged Citadel of Man


Exceedingly scarce miniature edition of Anna Laetitia Barbauld's "new" Map of Matrimony, engraved by Joseph Ellis 1772

Price: £ Inquire

The exceedingly rare miniature edition of Anna Laetitia Barbauld's "new" map of Matrimony, one of two versions of this map engraved by Joseph Ellis and published by influential London bookseller Joseph Johnson in August 1772.


Carl Nyrén's scarce Swedish translation of von Schnebelin's description of Schlarraffenland [Stockholm 1789] illustrated with a fine folding map

Price: £ Inquire

Exceedingly scarce late 18th Century Swedish translation of Von Schnebelin by Carl Nyrén [Stockholm, 1789] illustrated with a fine large-scale folding map of Schlarraffenland


John Wallis' jigsaw map Pilgrim's Progress 1790

Price: £ Inquire

John Wallis' exceptionally rare jigsaw map of "Pilgrim's Progress", also the first ever cartographic representation of John Bunyan's   popular allegorical work, over a century after it was first published in 1678.


Darton & Harvey's rare 1794 map of the Various Paths of Life

Price: £ Inquire

An extremely rare allegorical map depicting the various Paths of Life, probably after a design by the prominent American-born Quaker preacher, George Dillwyn [1738-1821]


A scarce imaginary map of early 19th Century Oxford student life

Price: £ Inquire

Joseph Vincent's unusual and exceptionally uncommon imaginary map of early 19th Century academic life at Oxford University.


Samuel Fores' exceedingly rare Regency chart of the Voyage of Matrimony

Price: £ Inquire

Printseller Samuel Fores' exceedingly rare Regency chart of The Voyage of Matrimony, A Study for Youth, London 1826.


Allegorical French manuscript map of "Presqu'ile de la Perfection" c1850-60

Price: £ Inquire

A spectacular mid-19th Century masterpiece of French cartographic design, penmanship and calligraphy - a instructional allegorical map, a Catholic "carte du tendre" entitled Presqu'ile de la Perfection.


G S Beeching Map of Matrimony c1880

Price: £ Inquire

A second example of this fine late Victorian map of Matrimony by George Skaife Beeching, published in London about 1880.


Alphons Woelfle's German Map of "Bücherland" - The Land of Books [1938]

Price: £ Inquire

German illustrator, Alphons Woelfle's wonderful imaginary map of The land of Books, Bücherland, published in Munich in 1938


German artist Hermann Hüffert's scarce 1964 New Year's Greetings card in the form of an imaginary chart of the Sea of Life

Price: £ Inquire

German artist and illustrator Hermann Hüffert's scarce 1964 New Year Card in the form of an imaginary map of the Sea of Life.


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